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Yoga changed my Life and it's just too good a thing to keep to myself! I have been practicing yoga since 1995 and am a certified yoga instructor. I teach a combination of classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. My teaching style is safe, compassionate and challenging at the same time. I teach at a number of studios, and also offer private and group lessons!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Accident...

So... as many of you may have noticed I've had a few subs lately... thought you might want to know why!

My husband, Casey, was in a rather serious accident recently involving his bike and another car. Both my husband and I have been cyclists since we did the California AIDS Ride 6 back in 1999 (we rode from San Francisco to Los Angeles and raised money for HIV and AIDS services) but my husband has kept up with his training over the years better than I!

Just over a month ago, Casey was on a ride, training for a bike/swim race, and was on his way home coming through Marina Del Rey. It was a light 25 mile ride for Casey, and he was on his way to meet me and our almost 1 year old daughter, Ruby Jo, at the park.

In any case, there he was, in the right lane, fully in accordance with all laws pertaining to vehicles in the state of California, riding along at about 10 mph when a car passed him on his left. The car then proceeded through an intersection and turned right suddenly without signaling or, apparently, without checking over her shoulder or mirrors and cut Casey off in a way that forced him to plow into the back of the car and then fall onto his left side. The impact was so strong that Casey shattered his left elbow and rammed his femur bone into his hip socket causing multiple fractures of the hip (acetabulum, to be exact).

So, I got a voicemail from Casey as he was being loaded into an ambulance telling me that he was alive, but in a pretty serious accident and he wasn't sure where they were taking him.

As I chased Ruby Jo through the park, i saw a light on my cell phone and listened to the message. You can imagine my reaction. No? Well, then let me paint the picture: Me, running at top speed in my flip flops, pushing my very concerned almost-toddler in her stroller and racing back to our house. I packed her diaper bag, had her in the car and headed to the general area of the accident in 2 minutes flat awaiting a report of which hospital I should actually head to.

After 2 serious surgeries involving many metal plates and screws and special surgical tables to help pull my husband apart so they could put him back together again, Casey spent 1.5 weeks in the hospital and came home only to sleep in a hospital bed in our living room for almost a month. He is, for the time being, limited to getting around in a wheel chair and, for very short trips, some special crutches for at least another few weeks.

He's been out of work and on medications, has had home and in-hospital physical and occupational therapy sessions, blood draws, and consultations. It took a month to get rid of the hospital bed, and for him to get back some of his independence. He has had an impressively positive attitude about his recovery and I love him for it.

Over the past month, I've had to ask for help from others to sub my classes for me, or babysit for me, or bring us food, etc. I have had some wonderful support from some very unexpected people, and have been surprised by people's reactions, both good and bad. Mostly, I have been grateful that my husband is alive (it could have been his head after all - and thank god for helmets!), and that although Ruby's sleep is not so great, she is thriving despite all of the unexpected and sudden changes. I have been grateful for my mother and my old friends and new that have come to our aid, and feel truly blessed for those important people in our lives.

I have also been angry and frustrated that we live in a world/culture that values multi-tasking over sustained focus, rushing over moving consciously through time and space, workaholism over balance, and things over people. It affects us all in some way, and we can't always protect ourselves or the ones we love from it. It is part of the reason I teach yoga. To put people back in touch with their bodies, to help people FEEL the connection between mind, body and spirit. To get anyone I can to move more consciously through their own life. To remind us that we are all connected somehow.

I have also missed my yoga practice. And my yoga teaching. And though I am tired, and am struggling to maintain a balance in my family's life, I am so thrilled to be alive, to have the people we have in our lives.

This experience, I believe, is asking me to take stock of my life, the things and people that are important to me, the things that don't just need to get done, but bring us true joy, and make them a bigger part of our lives. I intend to answer that call. I don't know how, or when, but I will answer.

In the meantime, I thank all of you for your patience, well-wishes, and beautiful spirits! I look forward to teaching and practicing with you all soon!

Peace, love and wear your helmets!
April KirkHart